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Welcome to Thailand Solo Travel. Your journey through the enchanting landscapes of Thailand starts here with our expert team. We provide verified travel insights to ensure your adventure is both authentic and unforgettable, guiding you with confidence through Thailand’s myriad of experiences.

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Thailand Solo Travel is a website focused on providing comprehensive travel resources for anyone planning a trip to Thailand. Our mission is to make travel in Thailand accessible, safe, and enjoyable for all.

Founded by Ryo, Thailand Solo Travel stemmed from a deep appreciation for Thailand’s culture and landscapes. After numerous solo trips crisscrossing Thailand, Ryo saw a need for a one-stop resource to help travelers plan their perfect Thai vacation.

On Thailand Solo Travel, readers can browse through hundreds of articles detailing everything you need to know for an unforgettable solo trip.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most trusted online resource for planning travel to Thailand. We provide up-to-date, in-depth travel tips and advice to enable people to craft their ideal Thailand itinerary.

Core Philosophy

At the heart of Thailand Solo Travel is the belief that travel is a way to expand horizons, foster connections, and grow as a person. Our philosophy is that with the right information and preparation, Thailand can be an accessible, welcoming, and life-enriching destination for any traveler.

Our goal is to inform, inspire, and empower people to explore Thailand in their own unique way. Thailand has incredible natural scenery, history, and culture just waiting to be discovered. We hope Thailand Solo Travel provides you with the tips and tools to have an outstanding Thailand vacation.

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Meet Our team

Our team of writers, boasting diverse backgrounds and rich travel experiences throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia, brings a wealth of knowledge to your journey. Meet a few of our team members below, each one representing just a glimpse into our talented and varied staff.

Ryo Hirai

Founder & CEO
Ryo, with an MBA and over 14 years in the travel and publishing industries, founded Thailand Solo Travel to spotlight Thailand’s untold stories. His extensive experience in both the travel and publishing sectors, coupled with his academic prowess, has enabled him to steer the company toward success and recognition. Ryo is not only a business leader but also a storyteller at heart, dedicated to sharing the rich, diverse narratives of Thailand with audiences around the world.

apisit Chai

Apisit Chai, armed with a Master’s in Thai Studies from Chulalongkorn University, brings a wealth of knowledge about Thai history and culture to his role as Editor-in-Chief. His meticulous eye for detail and deep understanding of Thai narratives ensure that our publications are not only captivating but also rich in cultural insights, providing readers with authentic and engaging journeys through the stories of Thailand.

evelyn Caldwell

Art Director
Evelyn Caldwell, a skilled graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, merges her creative expertise with a profound appreciation for Thai culture. With 8 years of experience at InnoVista Studios, where she led the design of award-winning travel books, Evelyn crafts visuals that are both stunning and culturally immersive, inviting readers to explore Thailand’s beauty through every vibrant page.